Land an Interview by Using Keywords in Your Resume

Land an Interview by Using Keywords in Your Resume

Writing a perfect resume has caused many debates over the years and there are many different lines of thinking when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t include in your resume. However, one thing is for certain; listing keywords can help you to land a job interview. What are keywords and how to find […]

Job Search Expenses Can be Tax Deductible

Tax deduction

Job hunting can be frustrating, time-consuming and can also be expensive. The two biggest expenses that incur will most likely be the costs of constructing and mailing out your resume, and fees charged by job placement agencies. The good news is, both of these expenses qualify for a tax deduction. Here are some eligible job […]

Resume Tips for Recent Graduates – Entry Level Resumes

Tips for recent graduates

As a student or recent graduate you might feel that you have nothing to put in your resume. Here are some resume tips for recent graduates on what to put in your resume when you have little or no work experience. Student or recent graduate resume is ideally one-page marketing document. The conventional resume format […]


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