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Call center professionals play a very important role in the organizations they work for. Whether they are persuading clients to close a sale, troubleshooting technical issues about a product or service, or just answering generic questions, working at a call center entails important work and responsibilities. And as many people don’t realize, some of these responsibilities are harder than they seem.

A call center employee has to be strong willed and calm in temperament. The people on the other side of the call will not always be well-behaved or polite; employees might have to digest some harsh words for no fault of their own. Selling services or products over the telephone is an art, one call center employees must learn well. Quick thinking is also a core skill of call center professionals. Operators are often bombarded with questions, and must come up with comprehensive, helpful, and convincing answers. At times some questions would be a level above pay grade, and knowing how to cope with the situation is a delicate matter. In addition, modern call center job scope also involves some levels of computer knowledge.

So how does a potential call center employee write a resume that stands out from the rest?

How to Write Call Center Resume Objectives

As highlighted above, a call center professional is almost always dealing with customers. Think of it like acting in a Live Broadcast; there is little room for errors or goof-ups. After all, many call centers are the backbone of sales organizations, and generate sales and provide support to the frontline; directly to customers.

When crafting an objective for your call center resume, keep this in mind. If you’re going after a job at a specific call center, do a little research about the products and services that you’ll be potentially selling. Though this knowledge and information would be provided to you in training sessions, doing research helps prospective employees catch a manager’s eye. Why? Because generally it means that if you care enough to do research before, you’ll probably be a hard worker when you land the job.

Since there are so many resumes flooding through a manger’s desk daily, it’s important to make a well-written objective section count.

Some Sample Call Center Resume Objectives

  • A position of Customer Service Representative where my excellent problem resolution skills and product based knowledge will be used to gain new customers and retain existing ones.
  • Looking for a role of Call Center Supervisor where my team building expertise and analysis capacity will help the customer services team to move forward.
  • Seeking apposition of Call Center Manager where my skills of managing customer support team and ability to guide a team forward would be aptly used.
  • Position of call center specialists where I would utilize my proficiency in handling bulk customers and providing them effective support through the office hours.
  • Looking to bring my knowledge of call center policies to improve the profit generation and efficiency of the company as a Call Center Manager.

Again, crafting a well-written objective will not only help you stand out, but the research will also give you a better idea of if the job is even a good fit from the start. You DON’T want to end up working in a call center selling something all day that you have no interest in.

How to Write Call Center Resume Skills?

Call center professionals are typically the first contact a customer has with a company. It is your responsibility to convince the customer to make a sale, solve problems when they arise, and provide an introduction to the company. As it is said, first impressions are very important to form a long term customer relationship with a customer, and as a call center professional you have to make sure that the client has a good interaction whenever you speak. A good talker can calm down an angry customer and slowly mold their opinion in a positive manner.

Fluent speaking and problem solving skills are definitely two of the foremost requirements, but there are other important skills for a call center professional too. Let us take a look at these:

  • Ability to perform over 100 outbound calls any day to the customer base.
  • Excellent skills in providing product/service related information and selling them over the phone.
  • Good experience in receiving inbound calls from customers.
  • Ability to handle software on a data entry level.
  • Ability to keep customer grievance and other information noted to follow them later.
  • Quick learner about products and services.

For a more in-depth look at these skills, check out our sample resume for a call center employee below.

Call Center Resume Sample [Downloadable]

This sample call center resume will give a better understanding of how to be concise, yet still showcase the important skills needed to stand out to a manager.

In summary, when applying for a job at a call center, having the right set of skills is a must. You must know what you’re getting into before applying, otherwise you will be miserable.

There are many different types of call centers, so do your research carefully beforehand, and take a look at our sample call center resume before sending yours off.

Questions? Comments? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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